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The Beginner Straight Razor Gift Set
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The Beginner Straight Razor Gift Set

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Our gifts sets provide everything you need for the ultimate wet shave this festive season and the black magnetic box arrives fully loaded with Barbarossa Brothers goodies and premium black hamper filling.

This set has been designed for both beginners and enthusiasts who appreciate the most forgiving of straight razor designs - 5/8" in size with a half hollow carbon steel blade, handforged in Solingen, Germany, by mastercraftsmen.

Customise your razor handle and choose whether to add an additional brush or shaving bowl. By selecting a brush or bowl you will be upgraded to the larger XL gift set.


  • Choose your straight razor from our 1470 collection featuring 5/8" half hollow straight razors available in resin, ebony wood or olive wood
  • XL Genuine Leather Strop (optional)
  • Includes a pre shave, soap and balm available in Sandalwood or Mint