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Muhle Stylo Safety Razor Thuja Wood
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Muhle Stylo Safety Razor Thuja Wood

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Mühle's STYLO series combines stunning design with world-class materials.

Available in high-grade resin, African Blackwood (pictured) and Thuja, a strongly grained burl of the sandarac tree.

This model has a closed comb head and handle made from Thuja Wood, regarded as one of the most valuable and most beautiful woods in the world. The strongly grained root burl only grows to a respectable size once the tree has died. The tuber is therefore hard to find and recover. The scantlings are picked by hand and turned.

Only sections displaying an exceptionally beautiful grain are used. While being made into handles the wood is stabilised and coated with high-grade resin in a special procedure. This makes it water-resistant and hard-wearing. The high-gloss surface accentuates the individual veining of the grain.


  • Mühle Stylo Safety Razor
  • African blackwood handle
  • Dimension: 42 mm x 120 mm
  • Weight: 72 g
  • Model: R71SR.