MÜHLE R41 Safety Razor - Groom Manifest™
Razor - MÜHLE R41 Safety Razor
Razor - MÜHLE R41 Safety Razor
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MÜHLE R41 Chrome Safety Razor

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The Mühle is regarded by many as the go to razor for self-shaving and some are saying it’s about as close as you can get to shaving with a straight razor, using a double edged tool. The design combines high quality chrome-plating with a fine engraved finish and results in a beautifully crafted razor with a quality feel. The model comes in two versions – R89 which is closed and the R41 which is open.
  • Brand - Mühle
  • Style – Open comb, designed for those who prefer a more aggressive razor
  • Handles - metal with chrome-plated metal highlights
  • Suitable for – intermediate to experienced wet shavers
  • Size – handle length 95 mm, total length 105mm
  • Weight – 58g
  • Available in Chrome and Rose Gold.