Mühle Purist Silvertip Fibre Shaving Brush with High Grade Resin 31K56 – Groom Manifest™
Badger Brush - Mühle Purist Silvertip Fibre Shaving Brush With High Grade Resin 31K56
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Mühle Purist Silvertip Fibre Shaving Brush with High Grade Resin 31K56

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With exemplary in-house production and great designs, Mühle have developed into one of the world's leading providers of high-quality accessories for wet shaving enthusiasts. This sensational shaving brush features Mühle's innovative silvertip fibre hair with a high grade resin handle and chrome-plated metal highlights.

  • Mühle Silvertip Shaving Brush
  • Handle made from high grade resin
  • Chrome-plated metal highlights
  • Dimensions 37mm x 113mm
  • Weight 120g
  • Model: 31K56

The Material - High Grade Resin

To begin with, the aesthetic basic shapes for brush and razor handles are turned out of solid rods. Then each individual work piece is polished in several passes to give the surface its special gleam. This processing method lends the models a pleasant feel and secures their beauty for many years to come.

The Brush- Silvertip Fibre

Invented by Mühle, Silvertip Fibre is very soft at the tips but more stable than natural hair in the middle section. These characteristics produce a pleasant, soft sensation on the skin when the lather is applied. In daily use, the manually processed fibres are less sensitive than natural hair as they dry more quickly and are resistant to shaving soaps and creams.

The completely vegan fibres are easier to use than natural hair as they produce a particularly creamy and thick lather from a small amount of shaving soap or cream, which is used much more sparingly as a result.

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