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Shaving Set - Mühle Purist 3 Piece Shaving Set Briar Wood (Badger Hair)
Muhle Purist Briar Wood 3 Piece Shaving Set
Muhle Purist Briar Wood 3 Piece Shaving Set
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Muhle Purist Briar Wood 3 Piece Shaving Set

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With exemplary in-house production and great designs, Mühle have developed into one of the world's leading providers of high-quality accessories for wet shaving enthusiasts.

This stunning 3-piece Purist shaving set features an open comb DE razor and badger brush available in Fine Badger and Silvertip Badger. The handles are made from Briar Wood with chrome accents. The brush and razor are accompanied with a beautifully designed, chrome-plated shaving stand.


  • Mühle 3 Piece Shaving Set
  • Shaving brush available in pure badger, silvertip badger and silvertip fibre
  • Medium shaving brush head with 21 mm ring
  • Safety razor, compatible with classic razor blades
  • Stand made of metal, chrome-plated
  • Available models: Fine Badger (S281H59SR), Silvertip Badger (S091H59SR) and Silvertip Fibre (S31H59SR)


This material has long been valued by lovers of fine tobacco pipes or inlaid work. But only a few people know that the exquisite briar wood is taken from the Erica arborea which grows exclusively in Mediterranean regions. In order to process the vividly grained wood for brushes and razors the wood is first cooked.

Only then does its beautiful reddish to brown colouring develop. The sections free of cracks and inclusions are then processed with great diligence: sanded into shape, stained by hand, then waxed and finally polished. In this way, each work piece becomes a valuable unique item.

Without chrome the world would forfeit a lot of its lustre. The material is corrosion-resistant, very long-lasting and has a luxurious, alluring lustre.