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Hanging Strop - Merkur Hanging Strop 185 35001
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Dovo Cowhide Leather Hanging Strop 18535001

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The Dovo Two-Sided Prima Rindleder Strop combines premium quality leather on one side with canvas on the reverse. The canvas side produces the same effect as a light honing and extends the period between honings.

It measures 45mm x 450mm overall, with a 45mm x 300mm stropping area and features a nickel plated swivelling loop for hanging.


  • Cowhide
  • One sided leather strop
  • Nickel plated swivel hook
  • Overall size approx: 45mm x 450mm
  • 13" stropping surface

In order to maintain their extremely keen edge, straight razors must be stropped before each use. This re-aligns the incredibly thin ‘fin’ at the edge of the blade that gives the straight razor its legendary sharpness. In effect, stropping a straight razor gives you a new edge for each shave.