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Razor - Merkur FUTUR Gold Plated Razor
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Merkur Futur Gold Plated + 10 Free Blades

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The Merkur Futur is the modern version of the classic DE safety razor and brings together great artmanship and innovation in an elegant but masculine design. At 120g, the Merkur Futur is heavier than most but well balanced, making it feel comfortable in the hand and especially suitable for men with larger digits. The razor has a fully adjustable head with six settings allowing you to alter the amount of blade exposure to suit your beard and skin type. It's available in a satin, polished chrome or gold finish and is supplied with one Merkur razor blade.
  • Brand – Merkur
  • Style - Duoclip and adjustable blade system, easy to change the blade
  • Handle – chrome polished finish
  • Suitable for - intermediate to experience as it’s a hefty razor that cuts close
  • Size - 95mm
  • Weight - 120g
  • Gold plated
1 Review