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Muhle ORGANIC, Hair Shampoo, 250ml
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Muhle ORGANIC, Hair Shampoo, 250ml

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ORGANIC - Shampoo from Mühle

Mild, nurturing shampoo for all hair types. Argan oil with its high vitamin E content and essential fatty acids nourishes and protects the hair and provides greater sheen and sleekness. The detergent base materials contained are obtained on the basis of coconut oil, amino acids and sugar.

Hydrolysed wheat protein which encompasses the individual hairs and amino acids which improve hair structure have a constructive nurturing effect and a conditioning effect for easy combability and healthy-looking hair. Special sugar beet extracts supply moisture, increase elasticity and support hair volume. The shampoo is vegan and contains no synthetic aromatic substances or colourants.

BDIH certified organic skincare.