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Badger Brush - Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Tortoiseshell Shaving Brush
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Edwin Jagger 81P23 Badger Brush

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Established in 1988, Edwin Jagger are a British company who design and manufacture their own range of traditional high quality shaving products and accessories. This classically designed badger brush features high quality, hand graded badger hair accompanied with a lightweight moulded plastic handle which is easy to maintain whilst looking expensive. Edwin Jagger shaving brushes are filled with the highest quality, hand graded badger hair which is slightly firmer than silvertip. Each hair is inserted into the handle by hand which helps preserve their natural softness.

When combined with a quality shaving soap or cream, the circular lathering motion of the badger hair helps lift and soften the beard to create a smooth and creamy lather which results in a smooth, comfortable shave.


  • Best Badger shaving brush
  • Imitation tortoiseshell handle
  • Massages and exfoliates skin during lathering
  • Creates a good lather for wet shaving
  • Knot: 20mm
  • Loft: 54mm
  • Height: 110mm total.