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Dovo 5/8" Bergisher Löwe Straight Razor Set & Accessories
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Dovo 5/8" Bergisher Löwe Straight Razor Set & Accessories

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Providing everything you need for the perfect wet shave, our sets feature premium cut throat razors with high quality accessories.

Included in this set:

Straight Razor + Leather Strop + Badger Shaving Brush with Drip Stand + Leather Razor Case + Shaving Cream


Introducing the Bergisher Löwe, one of the most handsome straight razors in the Dovo range.

The 5/8” carbon steel blade is finished with a Spanish point and scales made from naturally sourced buffalo horn. This wondrous material offers differing patterns and colours, ranging from light to dark, making every piece unique. The blade is full hollow and finished with a spanish tip, providing exceptional maneuverability around the tightest of spaces.

The spine is sculpted and wrapped in 24kt gold which flows luxuriously down the shank and tang. The blade is mirror polished and one side features a satin finish with a gold emblem etched on the blade. 


Barbarossa Brothers make some of the finest badger brushes known to man. This brush is made from 100% natural badger hair and comes with a high-quality resin handle, providing low maintenance and durability. The weight of hair for each brush is carefully measured ensuring the perfect balance. Each hair is then inserted into the knot by hand which helps preserve their natural softness.


A strop is essential for realigning the edge on your cut throat razor, ensuring the blade can glide through the hair, providing a close and comfortable shave. This strop combines smooth leather on the front and suede on the reverse. The strop is extra long, reducing the amount of strokes needed for each strop, and features a nickel plated swivelling loop for hanging.


This exclusive shaving cream is handmade in the UK in small batches. Containing a blend of essential oils, choose from a woody Sandalwood or refreshing Mint & Pepper. Shea & Cocoa Butter helps moisturise the skin, reducing irritation and razor burn.