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Straight Cut Throat Razors

Shaving is an art that requires patience, care and skill to perfect. And like any artist, you need the finest tools to become a true master. The cut throat razor is the most exquisite of shaving implements. Also called a straight razor or open razor, it offers a traditional shave of unparalleled closeness, free from irritation and razor burn.

Each premium quality straight razor is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, expertly finished so you can experience a relaxing wet shave straight out of the box. Simply maintain your blade so it stays pristine and it will keep you looking sharp for years to come. Buying a cut throat razor is also a wise investment as you will never need to buy blades again. Are you ready to master the craft? Discover how.

Shop our range below and be safe in the knowledge that all our razors come with a 2 year warranty. Any items marked Pre Order can typically be delivered within 7-10 days if not quicker.