How to Achieve the Perfect Shave

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For some men, shaving provides a daily ritual which helps them relax and feel their confident best. For others it's a chore, causing unpleasant side effects like razor burn, irritation and ingrown hairs.

The good news is that everyone can make shaving a pleasure, a few simple changes can transform the quality of your shave. This article will cover our approach to achieving the perfect shave.

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    How to use a Cut Throat Razor

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    This testosterone inducing past time has been integral to man’s evolution ever since cavemen began to pluck their facial hair using seashells.

    Shaving with a straight razor will separate you from the masses. Your significant other will look at you in a different way, transfixed with your bottom like skin and in awe of your follicle-chopping prowess.

    As well as inducing a sense of manliness and steady release of testosterone, the straight razor promises

    • The closest shave and smoothest skin available
    • Less rash, ingrown hairs and itchiness
    • Reduction in costs – no need to replace the blade!
    • Relaxing and invigorating like a fine wine.

    Learn how to Shave with a Cut Throat Razor

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    How to use a Safety Razor

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    At Groom Manifest, we strongly believe a safety razor razor is superior to a cartridge based razor system as they offer a more comfortable angle that cuts the hair cleanly without grabbing or pulling excessively.

    Benefits include;

    • More control over the razor and the closeness of the shave
    • Less pulling - especially for longer stubble 
    • Single cutting edge which reduces razor burn
    • More economical - longer lasting and cheaper blades
    Learn how to Shave with a Safety Razor
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    How to achieve a well groomed Beard

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    This guide is designed to help you grow and maintain a well groomed beard. Whether you’re after the short stubble look or a finely tuned beehive, we'll help you achieve your beard happiness.

    Research shows a well groomed beard can help increase your attractiveness, make you feel more masculine and even demand more respect from others. However an unkempt beard can achieve the exact opposite so clearly the trick is keeping it well groomed.

    Learn how to achieve a well groomed beard.

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